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Fundraising & community events

Sausage sizzles, and selling food like jams and cakes, are popular ways to raise money for good causes. Find out about the regulations you need to comply with if you’re making and selling food for fundraising, want to sell food at occasional events like markets and fairs, or are serving food as part of a club or society.

Quick facts

Download the New Zealand Food Safety fundraising fact sheet:

All sold food must be safe to eat

If you’re selling food to raise funds using myshop, it must be “safe and suitable”. That means it must be safe to eat – no one should get sick from eating your food.

You don’t have to register under the Act if you’re selling food via less than 20 times a year

However, you will have to register under the Act if you’re fundraising more than 20 times a year.

New Zealand Food Safety have brochures available covering the basics of food safety:

Selling food for fundraising using myshop

If you want to sell food to raise money for your local School you need to sell safe and suitable food. For more information download:

Fundraising more than 20 times a year

Under the Food Act 2014, you can sell food to raise funds for a charity, or for cultural and community events without registering under the Act – but only up to 20 times in a calendar year.

If you’re selling food as a fundraiser 20 or more times a year, you are defined as a business under the Act, and may need to adopt one of the food safety plans or programmes in the Act. Use the Where Do I Fit? tool to help you find out what you may need to do.

Local authority requirements

Local authorities may also have requirements that apply to your fundraising activity, especially about where food may be sold.

Contact your local city or district council to discuss what food you want to sell, where you want to sell it, and how you will make sure that it will be safe to eat. Councils’ environmental health staff will be able to tell you the requirements that apply and whether you can go ahead with your fundraiser.