Our Story

myshop - The buy, sell, fundraise marketplace where every sale directly benefits a New Zealand school.

Our vision is to offer schools a modern fundraising channel that increases their revenue potential and reduces the time and effort required of traditional fundraising.

Rather than focusing on volunteer-driven fundraising, we developed a model that would benefit everyone who got involved - Giving people more incentive to participate and make it easier for them to help support their local school.

myshop is the marketplace where users can sell everyday goods, make a profit, AND support their local school in the process. All myshop sellers gift a percentage of their sale price (or donate the entire sale), which directly benefits their chosen school.

Local people

Individual sellers, selling new or used goods in their community. Sell for profit or donate the entire sale price!

Home/Small Businesses

Build a new sales channel for your small business - Tech, Homewares, Art and crafts, homemade/handmade goods and more.


Students can easily get involved with supporting their school. Create a garage sale fundraiser, sell art, T shirt prints etc. Parents/Guardians would be required to manage the account for any minors under the age of 18.

Medium-large Businesses

Businesses can show their support for their local schools and generate some positive PR. Standard business sellers are pickup only sales, so every sale gets a customer through your door.

Online, Sustainable, Powerful

Accessible 24/7, every day of the year. myshop is a highly sustainable marketplace that fundraises responsibly and never sleeps. Utilise the power of selling online and fundraising combined.


myshop is free to join and free to list products. Sellers pay a 3% sale fee only when their product has sold. No sale, no fee! No risk for individuals, businesses or schools who want to get involved.

Fundraising made easy

myshop gives schools the ability to fundraise every day of every week. Our service is free to use, and reduces the amount of time and organisational efforts required by traditional fundraising.

Seller friendly

Anyone can get involved in selling with myshop. From kids creating arts and crafts at home to large businesses selling high-end products or services.


Run your Garage Sale online! myshop is ideal for passing on pre-loved clothes, home decor, appliances and more. Sellers choose “DollarGarage Listing” and the sale price is split 50/50 between the seller and their chosen School.

Local community trading

Standard myshop sellers are pick-up only, encouraging local community trading. Buy local, support local businesses, local people and local schools.

myshop for individuals

Sell new or used goods, arts, crafts and more. You can run a garage sale (dollargarage) which automatically splits sales revenue 50/50 between you and your school. You can also donate products, gifting the entire sale price to the school you choose.

myshop for businesses

A business account is for businesses who want to show their support for local schools. Ideal to generate positive PR, build a new sales channel online & increase foot traffic. Revenue/fundraising percentages are set individually for each item added.