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myshop for School Sellers

myshop is already setup for your School to start fundraising. As a School, all that is required to get started is to promote your page. School newsletters, School website, social media etc are all ideal ways to start promoting. Local people and local business can participate in your fundraising by buying and selling listings.

A School can also open a free School Vendor Shop (SVS) and accept product donations from local people and business. You can then have a teacher and/or student group manage your ecommerce shop, sales, promotions and more.

Ready to fundraise

myshop is already setup for your School, all you need to do is promote your page so buyers and sellers will contribute to your School fundraising. When individuals or business sign-up and upload a product, they can select your School and their listing will automatically be visible on your School page.

Advertising Media

To help drive traffic to your page and increase your listings, we supply advertising media pre-designed ready for your School to download and use. All you need to do is add in your School name/logo etc and you’re done. Find our download media under the myResources menu.


Newsletters, Board of Trustees, word of mouth and social media are all ideal ways to help generate awareness of your fundraising page. Promote fundraising for specific projects, people and teams/groups so the local community is aware of whats on and can get involved.

School Vendor Shop (SVS)

You can opt to join myshop with your own SVS which gives you additional features - this is entirely optional. Your SVS page shows only the products you sell, your fundraising page shows products you sell and products from other sellers who chose your School to fundraise for.

register with myshop


Open your SVS from the "Start Selling" menu. Add a Shop name, School info, banner and icon. These can be changed at any time you wish from your seller dashboard.


To enable funds to be received and donated, create a new Stripe payments account or connect your existing one by going to your payments tab in your seller dashboard.

Add products

You're all set to add products! Choose Add Listing from your Seller Tools menu. You will receive all revenue from the sale, minus the myshop 3% sales fee.

Sell sell sell!

Once an item has sold, you'll need to arrange pick-up with the buyer and then you're all done. Funds will automatically be sent to your Stripe Payments account. Now go Fundraise!

Banner Image

Update your shop banner image to match current fundraising projects for your School. This can be done at any time, however it is good to promote for 30 days if possible to maximise the exposure your fundraiser will receive.

Your products

School shop management can store products at home or at School (if space available). Once sold you will need to arrange pickup with the buyer.

Donated products

You can advertise for products to be donated to your School. Donations can be uploaded by any donatee from their home or office - anywhere they have access to the internet! From our guest donation page.

Advertising Media

myshop supply pre-designed advertising media covering various formats which members can download free and use as they wish. Once you are a member, the relevant advertising media downloads will appear on the main menu for you to browse.