Welcome to myshop – Buy Sell Fundraise!

Using myshop, you can help support your local school by:

  • Donating new, used or unwanted goods to sell on their school shop page (100% donation)
  • Sharing a pecentage of the sale of your new, used or unwanted goods (between 10-99%)

Each time you upload a product to sell you choose the school you are supporting and either a fundraising percentage or 100% donation. Once sold, the fundraising percentage is automatically allocated to the school you choose and you receive any remaining profits.

register with myshop


Open an individual seller account with myshop. Add a shop name, seller info, banner and icon. These are all optional and can be changed at any time you wish from your seller dashboard.


If you are donating a percentage of your sale and not the entire amount you'll need to create a new Stripe payments account or connect your existing one by going to your payments tab in your seller dashboard. This means you choose a percentage to be donated and our system automatically splits the payment for you and the school you are supporting when your listing sells.

Add products

You're all set to add products! Choose Add Listing from your Seller Tools menu. You can choose your school and fundraising % here.

Sell sell sell!

Upload your product! Once your item has sold, you'll need to arrange pick-up with the buyer and then you're all done. Your fundraising % will be automatically allocated to your chosen school.