General Questions
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Do I have to pay for my membership or adding products?
No, membership is free and you can list as many products as you like for free. You will pay a 3% sale fee to myshop only once an item has sold.

You can signup here: Individual Seller

My child wants to sell an item to help fundraise, what is the best way to do this?
If your child/children is under the age of 18 he/she cannot legally sell an item on myshop. If you give consent for them to sell using your own account, this is the best way for them to get involved. Your child/children can get involved by selling new/used goods, arts or crafts, handmade etc.

Can I sell food on myshop to help fundraise?
You can sell food on myshop, providing you are following best practise and New Zealand food safety laws. We have collected basic information for you to read here.

You can read more on the Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand Website:

What is Stripe Payments, do I need to use Stripe?
Stripe Payments is a secure payment system that allows myshop to split single transactions into two, one being the fundraising amount for the school and the other being the revenue amount for the seller. All sellers are required to have a Stripe Payments account so our split payment system can function automatically.

I made a sale but did not join Stripe Payments, where is my money?
If a seller does not join Stripe, the full sale amount will be allocated to the school. All school funds are paid in a 90 day cycle so your money will be held with myshop for at least 24hrs (depending on what day of the payment cycle we are on)

Contact myshop with your transaction number and we will hold your funds until your Stripe account is active and transfer your funds into your Stripe account.

You can access Stripe Payments from your dashboard/Settings/Payment. Eg;

Do schools know who has donated money to them, what information do they receive?
Currently, no. All funds transacted to a school will be in a lump sum with no additional information regarding individual sales, products or personal information. In future, we could provide sales information to schools so this may change. No personal information would be disclosed.

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I am interested to get my school involved with myshop, what should I do first?
If you want to get straight into it, all you need to do is buy from our brands and choose your school as the fundraising recipient. Once a school has been named as the recipient, myshop will contact the school to formally activate it. You can also directly activate your school here.

Its a good idea to discuss the fundraising opportunity with the school Principal and/or person in charge of school fundraising as well if you can.

Who can activate a school, what happens when my school is activated?

  • Any myshop visitor can request for a school to be activated.
  • Each school will be contacted by email/phone for confirmation before activation is completed.
  • Once activated, each school gets its own branded school shop page and can begin fundraising drives (optional).
    To see what a school shop page looks like, check out our sample here: Sample school.
  • Every activated school receives a welcome pack via email, with information, hints, tips and features available to them on myshop.

How does my school receive fundraising amounts?
Activated schools are on a 90 day payment cycle. All fundraising amounts are transferred electronically to the nominated school bank account. A school can manually request for funds at any time by contacting the myshop Helpdesk.