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Need to de-clutter and claim back some of your shelf space? Run your garage sale online!  The myshop marketplace is ideal for passing on

pre-loved clothes, home decor, appliances and more.

By using the “DollarGarage Listing” option on the Seller Tools menu, 50% of your sales revenue is automatically donated to your chosen school. You keep the remaining 50% profit.

DollarGarage is exclusive to Individual myshop members only.

register with myshop


Open a personal shop with myshop. Add a shop name, seller info, banner and icon. Your banner design can even represent your garage sale. These are all optional and can be changed at any time from your seller dashboard.


To enable funds to be received and donated, create a new Stripe payments account or connect your existing one by going to your payments tab in your seller dashboard.

Add products

You're all set to add products! Choose "Add DollarGarage Listing" from your Seller Tools menu. You can choose your school to support and a minimum amount for each product. Your fundraising amount is automatically set to 50%.


Once your item has sold, you'll need to arrange pick-up with the buyer and then you're all done. Your donation will automatically be allocated to the school you chose. Thank you!

Give it a go, its FREE!